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Single Seniors - Are You Happier Being Single than Married?

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    I was born in Vermont, and lived most of my life in "the North." That includes Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maine. i lived in Florida for a few years. I made a mess of my life in Florida. Our family originally moved from New Hampshire to Minnesota in the 1970s. I followed soon after. I followed my parents to Florida for awhile. Then I deviated, and moved to Maine to get married. They resettled to Minnesota, and here I am again.

    My ex-wife and I most likely knew our marriage was a bad idea from the start. Then we decided to end the marriage on a friendly basis. I am happy about that because she deserves to be happy.

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    It's kind of strange being alone now and realizing I have no one other than myself to explain to or to be responsible to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camper6 View Post
    It's kind of strange being alone now and realizing I have no one other than myself to explain to or to be responsible to.
    I've been divorced 52 years and find THAT very liberating. I do whatever I want without having to debate or compromise all my choices.

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    Most definitely happier being single rather than married. I always have money to do things I want My ex- spouse hasn't put us deep in debt. I've paid off everything and since I've been single, I've been able to save money. I don't have to clean up after him, cook for him or wash his clothes. I worked as many hours as he, but I still was expected to do all the domestic chores . He was borderline OCD - as long as someone else did the work. I've been happier than I ever remember being in my whole life!

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    I miss the companionship and the sex.

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    I have been divorced for 25 years now and in my late 30's I could see my marriage quickly falling apart so by the age of 40 the divorce was a Godsend. There are times I do miss a man around the house, but during that time I have had my share of dates and even relationships and enjoyable sex and I still do go out on dates although not for a few years. So I certainly have enjoyed being single because I mingled all through it.
    I don't care how old I am! I still want to go on the bouncy castle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight View Post
    I miss the companionship and the sex.
    And all the cwap and B.S. that goes with it all. Molly has the same thoughts I've done and had as I approach 81 and a date is the thing I want to eat as a nice sweet.

    Hitachi has makes a great Magic Wand and I went thru 2 even with bf's....

    They are good for massaging many parts of the body.

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