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What Rifles or Pistols Are You Using for Hunting or Shooting?

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    Stuck inside of Mobile, with the Memphis Blues again.
    Quote Originally Posted by HiDesertHal View Post
    Awww, come on! Just try it, can start with a .22 pistol! Target shooting is fun!
    One good thing about the Trump election: I'm starting to see .22 ammo becoming more available at reasonable prices. Midway, and even Walmart has it today.

    Apparently there is not as much hording going on now.
    "What we've got here, is failure to communicate."

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    Ruger Vaquero Single Action in .45 Long Colt. Usually carry when working in woods on back of our property, Black Bear and Cougar in our area. The rifle is a Savage in 22-250 with 10-40 x 55mm Scope. Sighted in at 250 yards. I enjoy Groundhog Hunting and really enjoy those longer range shots, out to 600 yards. Too much compensation for drop after 600 yards and the speed of the bullet starts to fall below the Speed of Sound past 600 yards which allows for the Groundhog to flinch and run before the bullet hits him. I need to get a nice .308 or .300 WinMag for some real long range shots, but happy with what I have.


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    I hunt with 'bout everything--- love my crossbows and re curves( excalibur xbow 2 ,, and original damnon howatt recurve),,first of season, then muzzlLloader (WHITE MTN STOCK WITH GREENMOUNTAIN BARRELL).
    My favorite is bow season for deer.
    Best gun for squirrel is 1972 Remington 552 speed master rifle and for shotgun 1972 remington 1100 barrell cut to 21 inches with extra full or modified choke tubes.
    Growing up in east Tennessee we had little exotic game 'cept wild hogs,, now they have turned into a nuisance!
    Handguns--I'm a "wheel man" due to the fact that revolvers is all I was trained on( 2 police academy s in the late 70's),and they handle so many different loads. 1 1946 S&W K frame,,,1 1970 model 19 S&W .357mag
    1 new in box (before I got it) 1972 S&W model 18 cal 22 with the 3 t's.....Did I mention I like S&W short guns??

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    What a difference experience makes. When I first arrived in Alaska i bought a Taurus 'raging bull' 454 Casull when I started to apprentice as a hunting guide, because I thought the bigger the better for tracking bears. When i left Alaska I had by my cabin door a Mossberg 500 shotgun and on the shelf a 357 magnum for bear protection a 9mm assault rifle and a 9mm automatic for people protection. Took the photo below for one of my blog postings.
    flag:cross:gun blog.jpg

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    My hunting days are over. I have a friend that owns over 85 pistols and rifles. I think he entered every gun rifle that came around. He also bought many of his guns just because.

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