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Good safe site for email?

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    I have several emails, too. My main one is through iCloud since I have an iPad and iPhone; but I use yahoo for stuff that is not important, like my Bookbub and Book Gorilla emails, because those come each day.
    I think I have a gmail count; but I never use it, and I also have an outlook account that I very seldom use. I actually donít send very many emails anymore, and mostly just email from places where I get updates. Amazon sends me their list of free giveaways every day, and I am on a church prayer chain, and stuff like that.
    For personal stuff, I just use messaging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amethyst1 View Post
    With G Mail (Google) I am concerned with privacy and I am skeptical of that company.
    Some critics believe that they have sneaky plans to use your "cookies" and so on
    in ways that you would not approve of.
    You are wise to avoid Gmail, as the privacy is awful as awful gets. Its okay for a junkmail account though, although AOL would be slightly better. For regular email, I'd recommend either or
    For high security (like for business, online shopping, etc.), its or

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