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What kinds of things have you found to do that are fulfilling since you retired?

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    First, let me congratulate the one who started this thread. I am 56 yo (male) just retired ... due to medical mis-management that got me comatosed for 2.5 yrs. Now getting better by the day ... able to walk, drive and talk now.

    The thing I am volunteering now is mentoring fresh graduates to start a career. Find it fulfilling and help a youngster put his foot on the pedal of life.

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    One of the great things about being retired{almost 7 yrs now} I can set my own schedule. I'm glad I retired when I did,was burnt out after 27yrs working part time as a pharm tech at a local hospital
    I love having time to enjoy my hobbies,taking 3 daily walks,reading my books,going to the movies. I still enjoy doing my volunteer work 3-4 mornings/wk.
    When I was working,on my 2 days off, I volunteered in the business office at my church helping the ladies with various tasks. I'm still there in the office 2-3 mornings/wk.One of the ladies,Lenore,who is our graphic designer,has taught me many computer skills,which still amazes me,considering 7 yrs ago didn't really know how to use a computer.I now do a couple weekly computer tasks she no longer has time to do.I like helping my friends when they need an 'extra hand' with a project big or small Sue
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