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What Do You Think Of This Health Insurance Premium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camper6 View Post
    California is about the same size as Canada in means of population.

    So. What are they doing wrong?

    Is the cost of dismantling the present system included? If it is it shouldn't be as that would be a one time cost.

    Question costs and question them again and again. Anyone can throw out numbers without any backup.

    See. You believe the numbers without question.

    Canada spends about 140 billion.
    It says "predicted" costs and based on the ability to still use federal funds. A 15% payroll tax would be needed to fund it. Eliminating private insurance takes out a lot of clerks from providers and insurers-unemployment claims and retraining would be just one of the issues with the old system along with redoing the computers systems & administrative record keeping. More state level government employees would need to be hired and budgeted for as well.

    Californians are already complaining about a additional gas & vehicle tax of about 500$ a year. It tripped a recall election of a politician who helped push it through. No way would a 15% payroll tax fly.

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    No matter how you cut it.

    The present system has to be fixed.

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