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You should only work out/exercize after you retire if you want to keep muscle tone and joints flexible. Exercize helps with weight control, sleeping, & an overall sense of well being. But if you enjoy a sedentary life style where you can add weight, and enjoy some age related illensses while laying on the couch not working out is what to shoot for.

In my mid 70's probably just me but I think playing touch football with my grandkids is more fun than pushing one of those walkers with an oxygen tank strapped to it.

This is true. My father died of a heart attack at age 45. My mother, same thing at age 53. That's an average of 49 years. Neither one of them ever exercised and they both smoked Camel Straights like they were going out of style. I'm 70. That means I've had my 49 years plus 21 of somebody elses. I sincerely believe I am alive today because I have exercised regularly all my life. Plus I've never smoked. (except for a few Swisher Sweets when I was a teenager and trying to look cool. And even then, I was like Bill Clinton. I didn't inhale. )

The way I figure it, I could drop dead and hit the floor like a sack of wet cement before I take the next keystroke and still go out a winner.