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What is the farthest you have traveled from your place of birth?

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    Chicago to various destinations in western Europe...........

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    I was born in Buffalo,NY,in '68 family took a 3 week summer vacation out West: Colorado,Nevada,Calif.We visited my mom's relatives who lived in burb of San Franscisco,wonderful memories Sue
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    I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I grew up in Kuala Lumpur and then work around South East Asia at age 28 yrs old.

    The farthest I have travelled from where I lived is New York City .... which is 12 hrs time time difference with Kuala Lumpur.

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    I'd never stopped to think about it before but according to Google I've traveled and lived quite a long ways from home a few times;

    Oklahoma to Indonesia = 9337 miles.

    Oklahoma to Vietnam = 8655 miles.

    Oklahoma to Libya = 6404 miles.

    Oklahoma to Panama = 3198 miles
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    Born in Indiana and traveled to Istanbul.

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    North Carolina
    Moscow or Santiago, Chile.

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