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Grocery Shopping

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    I live alone and do all my grocery shopping on line usually every other week. I am waiting for the order that I placed yesterday to be delivered one hour from now.

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    Once in a month. Or if I forget something then.

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    Its just me so I go around 2 times a week depending on the sales. Kroger stopped the senior discount here in Texas so I only buy their specials if I need them. Heb, Walmart and Foodtown are much cheaper than Kroger. I don't cook much but microwave, sandwiches. Right now I have several individual portions of homemade soup and gumbo in my freezer that come in handy. one good thing about Kroger is their fresh salad bar they have out by 9:00 am each day. I can get a good sized salad for around 3.00 that will last me 2 days.

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    Usually about once a week. Sometimes the hubby will go again for me if there are some really good buys. The last few years my food store is putting a limit of one or two packages on their sale products. We have two huge chest freezers and I buy in bulk. Truth be told we could probably go three or four months without shopping. I have a lot of homemade soups, frozen veggies from the garden, as well as meat when it went on sale. I even divide the gallon of milk up in small containers and freeze that also. Eggs freeze well if they are beaten up first. A few months ago when there was a shortage of eggs around. I think it was a virus the chickens contracted.Everyone was paying over $2.00 a dozen. We were eating our scrambled eggs from the freezer at just 99 cents a dozen.

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    I usually go only once a week. Mostly on Wednesdays when Spriouts has its specials -- you can buy last week's specials at the special price, as well as the new specials on Wednesday.

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    Grocery store every 7 - 10 days, Walmart's every 4 - 6 weeks. My son will pick up things
    for me at Costco's and yesterday he got kitty litter and cats food for me. We have a depanneur
    here at the residence where I can pick up milk and juice, also bananas, they cost more but
    I don't mind paying more for the convenience.

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    4-5x month. Mix of on-line delivery and in-person shopping. We eat out a lot more than most people, but I love to cook as well so our freezer is well-stocked, LOL!

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