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What Are You Paying for Gas in 2017 and 2018?

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    Paid $2.87 today to fill up my Jeep at a Shell gas station. There were some gas stations that were cheaper, but I don't like to go to ones that are run down and questionable due to credit card skimmers.

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    I just topped off the pickup a few minutes ago.......$2.94 per gal. for 100% unleaded.

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    $2.67 today
    I didn't say your perfume was too strong, I only said the canary was alive before you got here.

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    Houston, Texas
    Whoops! I already asked this.

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    Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
    $2.79 for regular on Wednesday at Chevron. I could find it a little cheaper, but a couple years ago when I was having all kinds of problems with my old engine, my mechanic said it was probably from cheap gas. I switched to Chevron and nary another problem, even with that old car.

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    We've been at $2.49 a gallon for weeks. However, yesterday I noticed the stations jumped the price to $2.67....I wonder if fears over this huge Hurricane and the storm headed for Texas might be causing suppliers to anticipate a shortage during what may be a very active Hurricane season. At any rate, no more than we have to drive, a couple dollars a month won't make that much difference.
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