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What Are You Paying for Gas in 2017?

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    Dec 2014

    Gas went down some.......I paid $2.42 on 2-20-2018 and just a few minutes ago it was $2.36.

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    Nov 2014
    central Missouri
    We've been holding pretty steady between $2.20 and $2.30 all Winter....I gassed up yesterday for $2.23.

    BTW...there is a growing movement in Washington to raise the Federal gas taxes for the first time in almost 25 help pay for some much needed repairs to roads and bridges. Recently, there have been proposals, instead, to tax people on "Miles Driven". As time has passed, and cars have become far more fuel efficient, This, To Me, makes more sense than just raising the fuel tax. After all, a Toyota Prius, which might get 45 MPG, weighs as much, and does as much damage to the roads, as a regular mid-size car that gets 25 MPG.
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    I paid $2.04 yesterday.
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    Canada eh
    112.9 a litre [$4.52 a gallon] in the Village today. Lowest its been all winter.
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