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Do You Plan to Stay in Your Current Home for the Rest of Your Retirement?

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    We have been 51 years in our three bedroom brick veneer house and plan to stay here until one of us needs more care than the other can provide. Then we will both move into a seniors hostel with the future possibility of nursing home care.

    We are having difficulty with home maintenance now and need to employ people to do the outside work. Some charge outrageous amounts and we are looking for a reliable person whose rates are fair and reasonable.
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    We currently live in a large, 2 story home (3000 sq. ft.) and our 4 kids are still at home (ages 17, 15, 14, 10). We can't WAIT until we can downsize. My husband is facing a scary health ordeal at the moment, so I'm needing to stay grounded in the here and now. But if we are blessed to still be counting days together at his retirement, and if we can handle the move, we fully intend to move to the Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM area (currently in the Midwest). A 2br home or condo will suit us just fine.

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    Nope. Like Myquest55, we have no fear of CCRC or senior living facilities. Moved my MIL into a CCRC and altho she was reluctant at first (and never stopped missing her old home), she ended up much happier. Made many friends among both staff and residents. They took such good care of her, too. We investigated a number of places before picking one as perfect for her, and it was.

    Our current home is set up as we like, having been extensively remodeled over the years. But it could never be our "forever" home. We knew this to begin with; it's architecturally impossible to retrofit it for universal access without massive expense.

    At age 56 I broke my leg in a compound fracture and it was FOUR MONTHS before I saw our master bedroom again. The day I could finally manage the stairs I felt like we should be shooting off fireworks to celebrate, LOL.

    Retirement comes in phases, because old age does. I am not going to want to hassle with the gardening and housework and maintenance issues in another 5-10 yrs. We will either sell this house, or rent it to friends (we know a couple who would dearly love to do a rent-to-buy option, which would be easy for us to arrange).

    We don't need the money from selling it, fortunately. We plan to move into a CCRC or maybe even out of state. Will be exploring a couple of places in the next few years to see if they might work out for us. We'll see; lots of options out there.

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    I'm in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 garage villa, with no steps. Been here for 22 years now. I intend to stay here until I can no longer care for myself. I have a bus at the door, for when I can no longer drive, and I have a man come in to do the lawns, maintain the gardens and change a light globe whenever necessary.

    Like Warrigal, I found it was very hard to find someone who didn't want to charge an arm and a leg to do what really amounts to less than about an hour's work, once a fortnight. I had quotes anywhere between $Au45 and $Au100 per hour. The fellow with the cheaper quote turned out to be very unreliable, and amazingly, so did the dearest.

    I now have a man who charges $50 per hour, turns up on time every time, and does a very good job.

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    I plan out going out feet first. I told my wife that it is statistically mandatory that she outlast me.

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    Our house is paid off and we plan on living here until the end. After 30+ years, I have grown fond of the place, even with it's repairs from time to time. Most of the people on our street have been here as long as we we are all old! We all look out for each other. Plus my daughter and her family live a block over. Win Win!
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    Moved into my retirement home in Dec 2015. A patio style with small yard on the golf course. Being a golfer.....I'm in heaven. This is it for me unless my health declines down the road and I need to live in an assisted living complex.

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    Yes. I've lived here for going on 46 years. I have owned this 2 bedroom apartment in a co-op development since I was 24 years old. Even though we just had a $100 a month increase in our carrying charges, our expense to live here is actually about $400 less per month than what it would cost to live in public senior housing and about 56% lower than comparable apartments in the area. The co-op boards succeeded in keeping our expenses as low as possible over the years. Our mortgage is paid in full but when that happened the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program ended and the taxes have gone up big time. We also have a walk score of 98% and are in a transportation "hub". We have a short walk to restaurants, financial institutions, government offices, trains and buses that will take us to or connect us to what will get us just about anyplace we need to go, including the airport. Amazingly I can take buses that let me off right at the door of or just across the street from all but one of my doctors. Uber service is also available here. My husband still drives but it's good to know we have all those options if needed. Crime has become an issue in our city but we live in a relatively quiet and safe neighborhood. Unless something major or catastrophic happens, I (we) intend to stay right here.

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