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Did You Start Really Looking Like Your Mother or Father At A Certain Age?

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    Question Did You Start Really Looking Like Your Mother or Father At A Certain Age?

    Starting in my fifties, I felt like I was looking more like my mother (when she was older) than ever before in my life. Now in my sixties, I find myself sounding like her too. Not a bad thing either way, I loved my mom very much and strive to be the strong woman she was.

    Did you ever start looking like your mom or dad (when they were older), if so, at what age?

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    I looked like my mother when I was under 16 or so. My brother looks like a combination of both our parents, even in his 70s.

    I look less like either of my parents, w2hich increases my suspicions...

    My daughter looks much like my mother, as she gets older.

    ...I think I'm starting to look like my grandmother.....
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    When I hit 60, I started looking like my mom, the scary thing is that I'm starting to sound and act like her!

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    I started to look like my mom around the age of 16 or 18. I have a lot of my Dads mannerisms and temperament. I strive to be like them in every way. Very often, when a problem arises I stop for a minute and think how they would handle the situation. They seemed to always know the right thing to do. I'm proud when someone says,you're just like your Mom or Dad.

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    I have always resembled my father, in appearance (except I am petite and he was very tall,) and personality. However, once I hit forty, it became very noticeable.

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    I really meant look like them when they got old, not just a family resemblance. Like I didn't look that much like my mother my whole life, but as I got old I started looking more like her when she was in her 50s, 60s and 70s. So when I look in the mirror now, I sometimes see my mom looking back...if that makes sense.

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    I look just about the same as my Dad did when he was my current age.
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    I looked in the mirror yesterday and said "G'day, Mum".
    I realised that the clothes I had on would have been very similar to her way of dressing.
    Even the shoes looked like some of hers. All that was missing was the perm.

    I don't mind at all. I loved my mum very much and so did a lot of other people.
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    Somewhere in my late fifties, early sixties, I started recognizing my mother in the mirror.

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    ​In recent years I have had people tell me I am looking like my mother. I really do not see it, but cousins do.
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    Can't really say I'm beginning to look like my mom or dad as I get older but I did have a loose skinned, ill tempered, slobber mouthed, thin haired and droopy jowled old bloodhound growing up that I'm starting to favor in looks more and more as I get up there in years.

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    Mother, Daddy, and my 2 sisters...none of us look like. Now fast forward; one of my daughters is the spitten image of my maternal grandmother when she was my daughter's age.
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    I see myself in my mother's mannerisms and in the things my mom and dad used to say. I think now I look like both of them in certain ways.
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    I always looked more like my dad than my mom but after I hit 60, I start seeing my mom in the mirror.

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