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Seniors Here Who Live Alone, Would You Have Someone Share Your Home With You If You Could?

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    Feb 2018
    Houston, Texas

    Life long bachelor and the ultimate loner. Freedom over love.

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    May 2017
    Well fmdog, freedom from love (in someone) does bring freedom to be oneself without being held back by any disagreement over your desires to accomplish whatever, by a Love. And when long enough free from Love, the more that freedom is satisfying. What you've never had, you don't miss--at least you're not aware of whether or not you miss having a Love.

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    No thankyou.....If my husband passed away, I would live alone...And I know it would be vice versa for him....

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    Oct 2018
    I've lived alone for 15 years and can't imagine having someone else living in my home. The only exception would be if a child or grandchild needed a place to live.


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    Hi Brent, welcome to the Forum.

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    Apr 2017
    Southern AZ
    Welcome, Brent, this is the best senior forum on the internet, so enjoy.

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