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Southern foods

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    Pimento cheese sandwiches!

    Greens or green beans with smoked pork, garlic, a hot pepper pod or two and maybe a few walnut sized red potatoes to make it a meal.

    Soup beans and corn bread.

    Coconut cake, the kind that sits in the refrigerator for a couple of days before it is served.

    A great big yes to everything except the coconut cake...I think coconut is an acquired taste I never acquired. The pimento cheese spread is impossible to find in NorCal, so had to learn to make it myself, and love it on nearly everything, especially hamburgers. Beans without cornbread is like cherry pie without a glass of milk. I remember the sort of green beans you mention, but never yet found a recipe that replicates what I remember.

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    In Georgia we have wild corn dogs.


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