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West Melbourne, Australia

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    West Melbourne, Australia

    Found this old photo on EBay and thought it might be of interest to our Australian friends.
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    What a FABULOUS photo. My grandparents had various people staying in their out buildings during the Depression. I don't think they paid anything, but they helped around my grandparent's property. Grandma really enjoyed cooking for a crowd, so was always delighted to have people on the property. My grandfather built "sheds" out of whatever he could scrounge, so my vivid imagination creates a picture of their property with "mansions" like the ones in the photo! Thank you for sharing that great pic!

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    Great photo pappy ,people also lived in similar "shacks" in Broken Hill ...NSW ( Aust) where I lived as a child / young adult.

    In the early years in B.H . people were considered "well off" if they had used hession sugar bags sewn together as internal walls, which were painted with a white wash ,there's still homes standing in BH with hession bag walls .

    The external walls were made from wood and iron ,in a town where summer temps are known to reach high 40c

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    Lovely old pictures ..

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