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If You Are Single & Living alone Do You Watch What You Spend Day To Day-Month To Month?

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    This seems like sort of an odd question? If one is "flush" with money, then most would assume that watching their expenses on a day to day basis is a waste of time. If, on the other hand, income or holdings are moderate, then common sense dictates than one needs to be frugal.

    It seems as though the question would be more appropriate if prefaced by stating "If someone is relatively wealthy, do you - - - - - ? It's a "no brainer" and depends almost solely on one's personal wealth.

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    when I lived in my off-grid cabin I did not keep track except at the end of the month whatever was left over went into a savings account. But now living in 'Civilization' down in Texas I keep my own ledger of every penny because my SS only goes so far... I can't wait to head back to the wood next spring!

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