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17 Best Places to Retire in the United States

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    Our kids grew up in Florida, but now live in the Pacific Northwet. Our daughter is thinking about ultimately retiring in FL, she is now 53.

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    midwest USA
    First, Pittsburgh is much nicer than it was back in the old days. Excellent universities, very scenic, hilly areas around it
    and pollution is no worse than most places. Big sports town too. It has an old/new sort of feel and charm/

    All of these lists are subjective because it depends on what criteria used for the rankings. I don't care
    about some of their criteria, but I do care about hospitals, libraries, demographics and terrain, for example.
    For many folks, myself included, the rents and condos are above my means anyway.

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    Reno, NV
    I think the best place to retire is the one that has the most things important to you. For me, that's very low humidity, minimal rain and snowfall, good health care, and no income taxes.

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    That's the thing about lists, someone opinion based on questionable data. My wife & I were binge watching a TV production (9 episodes I think) called the '72 most dangerous places to live'. It covered world wide areas. After watching the Forbes video I counted 11 of the 17 places on their list was also on the other list. Anywhere along the S Eastern seaboard from NJ to the Florida Keys, anywhere from ND to Texas in what is term 'tornado alley' & most of the Pacific coast made the 'dangerous' list. Also a side note some places like Thailand, Cambodia, almost any where in the Far east were on that list. Thailand always makes the list of great places to retire too. Places in Australia, one of my favorite places had several no-nos. I guess if you like adventure you can hang your hat about anywhere you want.

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