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Senior Discounts, When Was the Last Time You Got One?

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    It was quite hot Monday. Instead of turning on the AC, I went to a movie and got a $1.50 discount. I had to ask for it, but didn't have to show ID.
    When looking up what movie to see, I found that the 2nd closest theater has $5 Fridays for seniors (before 5:30). If it's raining like they forecast tomm, I'm going to the movies again.
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    I got one yesterday at a restaurant I wasn't sure if I was happy to get one or if I was insulted to get one.

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    local major brand chain grocery store has 10% senior discount first thursday of each month.

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    Today at the local thrift shop.

    I bought a depression glass serving bowl in the cabbage rose or Sharon pattern, similar to this one, for ninety-nine cents and they knocked off 15%.

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