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The irony of stock market and dollar losses

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    all my serious investing is in funds but i do a lot of speculating not so much in individual stocks but in sectors or asset class etf's .

    i have traded in and out of gold 29x since january scoring 27k in profits . in and out of TLT the long treasury bond etf, same with uso for oil . there is always something that propels them up and very quickly reels them back down .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don M. View Post
    I'm watching for any signs that Harbor Freight....presently privately owned....might go public with a stock offering. With the continuing collapse of Sears, there is an ever present population of homeowners and "do-it-yourselfers" who are always buying tools, etc., and Harbor Freight is filling the void being left by the demise of Craftsman Tools, nicely. They are opening stores all over the country at an increasing pace...mostly in small to medium sized cities, and gaining business nicely. In our area, they have opened 2 new stores in the past 6 Sedalia and Jefferson City, MO., and every time I go past those stores, the parking lot is quite full. We will be in Sedalia Friday, and I have a list of items to get at HF. If they ever decide to go public, I will buy some shares.
    I am way past having the time to invest in a company like this if it does offer stock. I sincerely believe your logic is right, because you are looking forward.

    Where I live there are 6 stores and like you the one closest to me is always busy. The ability to buy right now instead of ordering online and waiting I think is a huge plus.

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