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Happiness: Is it a State of Mind or is it Precious Moments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthanne View Post
    I've always been wondering about happiness. Tonight I felt happiness while my little dog was lying on my chest and I was talking to her and she was cuddling with me and licked my face. That sweet love she gives unconditionally made me feel happiness for awhile. So I think that happiness is more about the precious moments than a permanent state of mind. I felt pure joy with my precious Suzy as I often do. I know there is also positive thinking but it's not the same thing I am talking about.
    Dogs are pure love, a gift from God.

    But yea, happiness isn't(for me, for alot of people) something that can be sustainable constantly, just comes along either externally, or when you reach out and get some.

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    I agree with your well thought out comments/thinking on the issue, Mary.

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    There was a guy we used to play handball with at the YMCA. He was an organized fellow. Everything in place. Even hung up his pants in his locker and his shirt.

    One day he was asleep and my friend asked me "How can he be so happy all the time?"

    I said. "He knows where all the nuts are buried".

    Later on in life, his wife died. He was devastated. He died shortly after.

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