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Is nostalgia a good thing?

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    Well folks I did have a real taste of nostalgia yesterday because here in the UK they have many folks doing WW2 re-enactment. I went and it was great to see how many had taken the trouble to get outfits to suit that time plus vehicles such as tanks and what have you. They even had a Spitfire..........
    Its surprising how many folk have taken to doing this and how many young folk have joined the ranks.

    It took place at Quorn where the 82nd Airborne Division was stationed during WW2 for a few months as the following information from the village memorial museum shows....................
    US 82nd Airborne Division

    505th Parachute Infantry Regiment

    The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the US 82nd Airborne Division arrived in Quorn on February 14th, 1944. Their camp was on the Farnham estate, now owned by Rosemary Conley. The entrance was where the current opening for Northage Close (off Wood Lane) is now. The sergeant's mess was at what is now 27 Meeting Street.

    The paratroopers departed two and a half months later on Monday May 29th 1944 to prepare for D-Day (operation Overlord, specifically at St Mere Eglise) and after a month fighting in Normandy they returned Quorn victorious. But the cost was high. Two-hundred and twenty men were killed in action out of a total of two-thousand.

    They left Quorn again on Friday, September 15th 1944 to parachute into Holland (operation Market Garden, mainly centred around Nijmegen, Holland), never to return to Quorn as soldiers.

    The village took the American paratroopers to their hearts. There is a plaque in the Memorial Gardens, upon which a wreath is placed each year on remembrance Sunday. There is also an avenue of lime trees in Stafford Orchard (the village park) in remembrance of those American soldiers that died, together with a plaque (as illustrated).
    On Monday May 29th the 505th left for the airfields to prepare for D-Day and after thirty-three days fighting in Normandy they returned to Quorn victorious, but the cost was high, two-hundred and twenty were killed in action out of a total of two-thousand men. They left Quorn again on Friday, September 15th to parachute into Holland, never to return as soldiers. In fact they had only been in the village for just over two-hundred days and made a lasting impression on the village of Quorn. Even though in 2006 they were all over eighty years of age, six veterans returned that year. They just could not keep away from their second home.-Quorn.

    Memorial Stone Quorn.jpg

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    Nothing at all is wrong with Nostalgia and it's not the same as living in the past. I live in the present and look forward to the future because that is where I will be spending the rest of my life.

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