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It seems to me chronically ill people never die

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    It seems to me chronically ill people never die

    Have you ever noticed that people who have many health issues always seem to "hang on" while strong, fit people drop dead suddenly? Makes you wonder.
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    It does seem like that. I worked in a nursing home for over ten years and then another six for public health. Many were in their late ninety's. I have to say they were living on so many meds they had no room for lunch. Possibly the younger ones are dropping from some underlying problems because they haven't been monitored as closely. Also I noticed the mean,crotchety ones last longer also. Personally I'd rather just drop like a fly one of these days. I have no intention of living on pills except ones that would make my life more comfortable.

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    That is the first logical reason I've heard for me to begin exercising, I definitely want to go through the express checkout line, LOL!!!

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