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Getting ready to sell..........I think I just need to vent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumbud View Post
    Hi deesierra - interesting and heartfelt story - glad things worked out - but all the way through reading I kept thinking deesierra hasn't mentioned any family or friends that can support her during these difficult times. Not prying it just bugged me!
    gumbud, the only family I have left is an older brother who lives 500 miles away and would not have been physically able to help me much with packing and lifting even if he'd been able to take some time away from his responsibilities at home. But he's always been there for me with emotional support and encouragement. As far as friends go, I've always been kind of a loner and really only have one close friend I feel I can depend on. She was a big help to me at first, but then she got knee deep in her own struggles when she decided to try and get her aging mobile home replaced before winter rolls around. And I've never been one to ask for help unless it's absolutely something I can't do by myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBreeze View Post
    Congratulations Deesierra, so happy for you! I bet that's a big weight off your shoulders, wishing you nothing but the best and a bright and peaceful future!
    Thank you SB!

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