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In my sister's case, doctor's orders ARE those vitamins, exercise and a decent diet. She just won't make an effort; she has a whole host of things that are directly attributable to her not making an effort -- the worst of which is morbid obesity.
Your Sister has Plenty of company. The latest reports from the CDC indicate that over 35% of the people in this nation are substantially overweight. The CDC also says that over 30% of our nation's medical costs are Obesity related. Obesity accounts for more medical care costs than tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drug use, combined. I have seen so many older people go through months and years of misery and running up huge medical bills, simply because they allowed themselves to get miserably out of shape. The best medical care in the world is of marginal value, if a person doesn't make a decent attempt to take good care of themselves.

The old saying...."You can lead a horse to water, but you Can't make him drink"....certainly seems to apply to a major portion of our population.