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Ants in My Plants

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    Looks much better Deb, good luck with the ant problem.

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    Repotting looks just great. A new start for those plants will give you a nice result in about 6 months with cacti. So nice that those plants don't need much watering. I'm going to start one myself.dief2.jpgdief1.jpg

    On the right the parent plant. On the left a recent cutting from the parent plant. These are diefennbachia. An easy plant to take care of.
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    This has been the worst year for ants in the house and garden. I've always used boric acid and have had pretty good results with it, but this year I was so overwhelmed with ants I was so desperate I even tried some HOT SHOT ant baits I found at Walmart. Guess what! They work! Even better than boric acid. Here's an ad I found for them at Amazon.
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    Thanks for the tip & link, Larry! ....we have to outwit these little buggers.

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    Update on the cacti - they seem to be holding their own. No great growth spurts, but not dead, either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by debodun View Post
    Is that like Borax?
    Borax works also. If you mix it with sugar they take it to the nest and it wipes out the whole bunch.
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    My sister had told me about Ortho Home Defense when we got some very aggressive little black ants in the kitchen. We used to get ants but not like them. They were all over the place, even crawling up to my kitchen cabinets. I put the Ortho Home Defense (liquid) down in the floor opening they were coming from in the kitchen, sections of the living room and patio door and in the kitchen cabinets. It took a few days but I haven't seen one of those ants since and it's been two and a half years. Even tho OHD advertises working for an entire year, I put more down every couple of months. We got 2 gallons for a good price at Costco. My sister says she got hers from Home Depot.

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