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Plane Ride Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldman View Post
    Falcon flew one of these similar planes. The planes have quite a history. Henry Ford wanted to get into the aviation business for some reason.
    CORRECTION !! Falcon DID NOT "fly" the Ford Trimotor airplane; He had a ride in one when he was about 6 years old.

    He DIDN'T FLY it !

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    The first time I ever was on a plane was in '63,when I was 10,I remember like it happened yesterday. I was coming home for Chirstmas from my boarding school in Massachusetts. When the pilot told us overhead the Buffalo airport was closed because of the snow,we were being diverted to Niagara Falls,I freaked out,started crying thinking I never see my parents again.The stewardess was trying to reassure me everything would be ok.When we got to Niagara Falls,buses took us back to Bflo airport. When I saw my parents,I never let go of their hands. I told them'I'm not getting back on a plane',after Christmas break,they drove me back.
    I enjoy flying,but I'm always leary of traveling around Thanksgiving,you never know what 'mother nature' has in store for those of us who live in WNY. Sue
    Walkers Take It All In Strides

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    I live not too far from where there was once a wonderful air museum called Bradley Air Museum near Bradley International Airport, in Windsor Locks, CT. (I remember when it was just called "Bradley Field")

    Today the museum is called the New England Air Museum. The summer before a tornado destroyed most of it, we were fortunate to have visited. I remember huge troop carriers, many kinds of jets, props, and a little jet that you could climb on..

    I don't recall if it actually displayed, or in a film we saw there, but I fell in love with the F-14 there, in fact I bought a model kit for my son

    I think it's been restored.

    Published: October 11, 1981

    WINDSOR LOCKS TWO years ago at the Bradley Air Museum, one of the largest collections of vintage aircraft in the country was turned into a mass of twisted wreckage in less than five minutes. ''There was a lot of weeping,'' recalled Robert F. Pope, a member of the museum's volunteer service crew, who viewed the havoc caused by a tornado that hit the area on Oct. 3, 1979.

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    My first flight was in 1957 when sister and myself climbed aboard a De Havilland Dragon Rapide at Squires Gate Airport Blackpool UK.

    I was hooked immediately, although I don't think sister took her hands away from covering her eyes for the whole flight (then again, she was, and still is, a bit of a wuss)

    When we landed after a fantastic flight around Blackpool tower, I pestered poor ol' Mam n Dad into letting me fly again, and the pilot noticed my return and let me sit in his seat for a few minutes after the second flight. I still vividly remember the awe and fascination with which I viewed what, to my young mind, were "millions" of dials and gauges on the 'dashboard' and made my mind up there and then to become a pilot myself when I 'grew up".

    dragon_rapide_panel.jpg De_Havilland_Dragon_Rapide_G-AIYR.jpg

    Little did I know that only 9 years later I was to become a member of "Her Majesty's Flying Club" also known as the Royal Air Force, which became my home for the following 22 years.

    Now I just follow aeronautical developments with interest and avail myself of each and every opportunity to fly.

    ps The Dragon Rapide was the first civilian aircraft I jumped from when the urge to become a parachutist took hold in '72

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    Great stories. Thanks for sharing.

    Just remember, the most dangerous thing about flying is the drive to the airport. I just read a report in our trade magazine that said passengers now have a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of being in a plane crash. With all of the sensors built into the avionics, plus the fail safe systems, next to trains, flying has become the safest mode of transportation.

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