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Does anyone have sleep problem here?

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    I find that I'm sleeping better than I used to when I was working full time. Like many, my mind wouldn't shut off or I'd find myself waking in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep. I had been in the habit of taking Melatonin for years, but stopped some months ago. Now what I find is working for me is shutting off the computer and TV about an hour before bed and reading a book (in bed) for 30-60 minutes. Helps me get ready to sleep. Occasionally I'll have to take something like an Advil PM if I'm achy from working in the yard, but find I'm sleeping much better than I have in a long time. Also helps that I limit caffeine to the morning and I watch the alcohol at night. A glass or two of wine with dinner and that's it. Alcohol can interfere with sleep. Important to have a cool room too. Someone mentioned sleep apnea. My wife has that and so glad she got a CPAP. She sleeps better with it, but has more problems than I with sleeping through the night due to thoughts that won't shut off and a weak bladder.
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    Bob said; " - - - - and reading a book (in bed) for 30-60 minutes."

    I don't have trouble sleeping but wish I could stay awake, reading my book. I enjoy reading but when I climb into bed for the night, I'm lucky to last 10-15 minutes before conking off. If it wasn't for the obligatory trip (or two) to the bathroom I'd have no trouble getting an undisturbed 7-8 hours.

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    For most of us old folk, it's not the falling asleep that is the hard part.

    It's the waking up usually for bladder emptying or prostate problems and getting back to sleep.

    Nothing seems to work for that.

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