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Our version of retirement: Living a childhood dream

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    NO the one on the bottle!!!!!!!!!
    whenever I look at my glass of beer it's always half full - that's a good cue to top it up and just keep goin forward as usual - hate to see it empty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IKE View Post
    I seem to lean more towards sherry finished single malt scotches these days......LaSanta is a excellent sippin' sherry cask finished scotch made by Glenmorangie (give it a try if you haven't already) but Dalmore is my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumbud View Post
    NO the one on the bottle!!!!!!!!!
    Awwww.... ok

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    Moving along…

    Water conveyance

    Most off gridders out this way use some sort of large container on a stout stand for gravity fed, ready water, filling that ever so often

    That works in summer


    Even in summer, when the livin’ is easy, water sits awhile, it gets warm to hot
    Heat breeds germs
    And, well, who likes drinking warm water

    Winter causes the obvious when storing in large containers

    Gave it much thought before hauling in a 30-50 gal thing and propping it up

    Decided to go small
    Like half gal (2 liter) small
    In wooden crates

    Inherited a few crates
    Put ‘em to work

    Liked the mobility and freshness
    Only, those crates were not made to fit 10 half gal jugs

    So, I made some crates outa cedar fence boards

    Fits 10 jugs rather nicely
    Easy to heft

    Water gets warm? Go run a couple fresh, ice cold (38°F/33.3°C) jugs for evening

    I built ten crates
    Yeah, that’s 100 jugs (a lot of Langer's juice)

    Don’t need near that many in summer
    But winter?
    Ohhhh, yeahhh
    Stored inside the cabin

    Summer, we actually do the wash with a washing machine behind the shop
    Little Panda (look it up)
    And, yeah, I did get one 30 gal (113 liter) container to gravity feed the washer

    In winter we (my lady) does the wash by hand…ever day
    And puts it on a rack I built, behind the wood stove

    This all works for two seniors
    The trek to the well, 100 paces north, is part of my exercise program

    Three cases fit rather nicely on our little carts

    Two fit quite well on our toboggan in winter

    We do use smaller jugs for sipping (I hate Gatorade, but took one for the team, drank two)

    This is what old people do in the woods

    Drove to the big city today
    Large signs everwhere about conserving water...don't keep it running when brushing teeth, etc

    I remember those easy livin' days in town
    “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary O' View Post

    got my bear

    He’ll prolly be back tonight
    Just put ribeye bones in the can
    took a walk to the south end of the property
    found out where Mr Bear was coming from

    wondered about that
    Black bears can't jump

    got a fence to mend in the morning
    “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

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    (the Russian bear knocks over the chain fence of German Influence during WW1)

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