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How far would you go in this situation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassycakes View Post
    If they lived near me I would offer them to use mine until they got theirs repaired. I did have a neighbor let another neighbor use her freezer until they bought one
    Because she was out one day and the neighbor needed to get something out of the freezer things went crazy .The neighbor said she needed to be told when the other neighbor went out and also wanted the key to her house. That was the end of that relationship.
    That doesn't surprise me at all, I've had similar experiences on other things where I have helped out neighbors. You think it is a temporary thing (which it obviously should be) where the situation goes back to normal after they have had the time/opportunity to address their problem/situation and they act like it is a permanent situation without regard to how it affects you. I'm not sure it isn't more the norm than the exception... something about no good deed goes unpunished. LOL, as I've gotten older I'm still inclined to help out the neighbor kids with their bikes and pumping up their soccer balls etc, but the adults that are just to lazy to do it themselves... not so much anymore.

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    no my fridge is always full, even if it was half empty id have to think of how long it would be taking up space , how often and at what time of day and night they would be knocking on my door for the goods ..Taking everything in consideration id say no ..
    We didnt have a fridge in the 50s its no great hardship to be without one . and insurance will cover any losses .

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    My big freezer if I had room, absolutely, but for a limited amount of time. We have an electric cooler we use on road trips that I'd offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by debodun View Post
    Say a casual friend called you and happened to mention in the conversation that his/her refrigerator was on the fritz. Even if he/she didn't ask directly, would you volunteer to let him/her use yours until it was fixed or replaced? What if they did ask directly? Give the reason(s) for your answer.
    Yes, I would offer because it can happen to me and did......mine went out 2 weeks ago, I was able to managed with my freezer and a cooler for a week until the new fridge was installed though.

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    I'd give him the name of my very excellent appliance repair guy. Sorry, both my frig and freezer are ALWAYS full. I'd be lucky to fit in an extra carton of milk, LOL.

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    I would hand the phone to my wife and say, "Here, this is for you. "

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