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Zen Thinking again ....

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    I created a few posters on the subject

    “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vega_Lyra View Post
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    I just discovered this thread and love it.
    Lets keep this one going.
    I will add one also. 46CA9205-2A74-4CB6-A326-A227A679F6E4.jpeg

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    Near Mount Pilot

    These are the Four Noble Truths that Buddha presented:

    1. Suffering is the unavoidable accompaniment of physical existence.
    2. All suffering is caused by desire.
    3. All personal desire and ambition must be extinguished by the person who wishes freedom from suffering and it can be extinguished by walking the Path.
    4. The Path which leads to freedom from suffering is a narrow path.

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