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Getting Things Done When You Can't Hear

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    Yes radish, slowly, but not so slow as to appear you think the wearer is mentally impaired. Lol

    Grandpa Don I'm just not a fan of buying aids online. The ideal situation is reasonably priced aids with a choice of bundled or unbundled local service by a human being. There is no comparison to a correctly fit aid by someone who knows what they're doing.
    There's exceptions to every rule but I personally wouldn't do it.

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    Hearlady -- I don't mean to suggest that it's a good idea. I just thought it was interesting that some company is already doing it. Apparently it's legal.

    Just for fun, here's what I think would be the ideal situation. Separate the sales from the audiologist. You go to an audiologist for testing. The audiologist gives you a hearing profile and suggests various aids on the market that would suit you. She charges you a fair price for the service. You shop for and purchase the hearing aids from any source you choose and bring them to the audiologist. She fits and adjusts them for you and charges for it plus a series of follow ups. After that, you return annually for retest or repairs and adjustments and pay for each visit.

    To me, this seems fairer to both the customer and audiologist. The customer is more likely to get only what they really need and the audiologist is strictly a professional service. It would be similar to medical practice. Doctors prescribe drugs as needed, but you can go anywhere you want to purchase them.


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    Sounds OK to me!
    Things are changing. Hearing aids are getting smarter and smarter therefore easier to be fit at a local kiosk or by help online.
    I still think those professionals that know the old fashioned "art" of fitting a hearing aid will still be around and your ideal situation is realistic. I definitely see that happening.

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