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My job at our local theater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meanderer View Post
    Why don't movie theaters have ushers anymore?

    "Today, a typical usher doesn't have time to perform luxury tasks for the audience, as his or her job has expanded to include the roles of ticket taker, snack bar attendant and custodian. Today's ushers don't make much money, either. The average wage for a movie usher is around $9 per hour, or $18,900 a year [source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]. What's more, going to the movies isn't the event it used to be back in the '40s and '50s. Catching a flick is a super-casual experience; back then, it was a grand night out and patrons were treated grandly, too".

    We have the Movie Tavern!!! Breakfast/Dinner and a movie!!

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    We also had a Colonial Theater in my home town. It had a double balcony. The top one was closed off when my time came around. I saw the re-release of Gone With The Wind there in 1965. The theater is gone with the wind now, and I can't find a single picture of the inside.

    Outside, 1920

    Just a picture I thought was cute.... Looks like the Fifties.


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    What a coincidence. 1952 I did exactly the same thing at the Piedmont Theatre.

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