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My mum Died 44 years ago Today

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    I regret not having had a good relationship with my parents and I can't remember when they died unless I work it out. I don't even remember feeling a lot of sadness when they passed away.
    My in-laws were different. I loved them as people and they gave me one of the most precious gifts that I have. I do miss them very much. I've known quite a few male friends who had a closer relationships with their in-laws than their parents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken N Tx View Post
    Yes, I feel the same about Mom and Dad..I am thankful for Facebook where I can share photos of them with my family..My children where young when they passed (one not born yet) and keeping their memory means allot!!

    It's one of my main regrets, that my mother never got to see her first Grandchild ( my daughter)...

    if she'd lived she'd be 88 now... and she was always someone who wanted to be young for her age.. , she wasn't maternal ..but I can't help wondering what she would have been like with her 8 grandchildren, and several great grandchildren... if she'd been around

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    Gee, Holly, I am sorry that you lost your Mother at such a young age. I don't think I would have got to where I am now in life without my Mom and her "teaching moments" as she called them. My Mom taught me how to dance before I went to my first high school dance, she taught me how to iron because as she put it, "You're going to need to know how to do this someday." And many more of life's lessons. She died at the age of 87. I still honor her every chance I get and that doesn't mean that I put a flower on her grave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollydolly View Post
    On the 13th September, 1973. I was 18 years old... the eldest of 4 kids still at home. She was 39 years old.....and there's hardly a day goes by when I don't think of her even just for a minute.

    ..and I never forget the anniversary of her birth or her death and always stop and think of her for a few minute on those dates.

    Anyone else do the same about your parent/s or family members ...?
    That must have been hard Holly, losing your mother at such a young age, sorry for your loss. My mom passed on 8/9/89, easy to remember, I usually become a bit sad on the days of either the birth or death of loved ones who passed before me.

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