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Do You Use Health and Fitness Trackers?

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    I use a Polar M-400.with GPS and a heart rate monitor. In addition to keeping up with the usual exercise parameters (time, distance, steps, heart rate, etc.) what I really like is that it liberates me to explore routes when I walk, bike or run and still know the distance I covered. So, if I want to walk 2 miles, for example, I don't have to stay on a pre-measured course.

    And, being somewhat of a tech geek . . . well, need I say more?

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    Fitness tracker? Never heard of 'em!

    I just use this rig when I feel like it.

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    I've never thought, in the past, about getting one as I work out 5 days a week at a gym, taking aerobic classes and doing some weightlifting. I always figured I don't need one to be motivated (which works for some people).
    But now, I'm thinking of getting one as I'm in my late 60's and it would be nice to actually see how much my heart rate goes up while working out, and tracking just how much I'm walking outside the gym.

    I will probably start researching them and see what kind of reviews the various 'toys' get.

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    I have a Fitbit and an Apple watch. For fitness tracking, Fitbit is far and above the Apple watch in my experience. The Fitbit will hold a charge for 5-7 days whereas the watch has to be charged EVERY day. Ugh. Not very valuable for sleep tracking if it's on the charger overnight. I also find the Fitbit app to be more user friendly than the Apple fitness app.

    Just IMO, of course. If I got a do-over, I'd not buy the Apple Watch. Even though it has apps, etc. who wants to fool with that tiny screen?? So it ended up being a novelty wristwatch taking up space on the charger every day, and finally stuck in my jewelry box since I tried to give it to my grandkids and they didn't want it.

    Oh, and the Fitbit website has a large support forum for each of their models, so for coaching or technical help it's a great resource.

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    I think I'm in Florida, but I'm not sure any GPS blew away.
    Well, I used to but they kept deliberately losing my trail.......some trackers THEY were!
    If we're ever in a situation where I am "the voice of reason", then we are in a very, very bad situation.

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