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You Need To Exercise Even If It Hurts,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timetrvlr View Post
    Good post Lon! Keep up the good work. I'm only 79 and ride an exercise bike every night for a half hour while I watch the news, it helps my osteoarthritis and lowers my blood sugar. But my A1C numbers are climbing again so I've decided to bite the bullet and buy a Nordic Track Elliptical machine and spend an hour a day on it. I think it's a more complete regime and I hope it will help.
    The exercise bike at the gym makes my knees burn, not a good burn. I use the Ellipticals at the gym, and also have an Elliptical at home. Low impact on the joints...that's a good thing. Good workout for cardio, weight loss, etc.

    I do 50 minutes a day, seven days a week, plus a couple visits to the gym for weights or a class called SilverSneakers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewLewis View Post
    Pain is a really tricky indicator of what you should or shouldn't do. If you talk to nurses in the ICU, I guarantee you they will tell you awful stories of people who have fallen, broken something, and refuse to do rehab because it hurts. This frequently leads to muscle atrophy and these patients end up with chronic pain. On the other end, the people that go through rehab endure short-term discomfort and pain for a lack (or reduction) of pain after rehab is complete.

    Now, that all said, there are of course many stories of people who choose to push through pain (especially athletes) only to end up injured even worse.
    Rehab uses a lot of mechanical devices . Under supervision.

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    [QUOTE=Happyflowerlady;708423]I think that exercise and diet have a lot more to do with arthritis and joint pain than we give it credit for. Most of the food that we include in our diets that are sugars and starches are inflammatory foods, and inflammation is one of the things that accompanies/causes pain.
    I know that I can feel the difference right away when I have indulged in apple pie, or some other dessert, and my knees and ankles will swell up and not move very well.
    HappyFlowerLady, I agree and have noticed a real correlation between eating refined flour-foods, sugar...and inflammation/pain in my body. I was surprised, years ago, when my doctor told me I have RA in my hands, because I had no pain at all. As time went on, I took a prescription drug for around two years, then got off of it. During that two years, inflammation increased in my body and now I notice some pain. (I know some of you have to take prescription drugs.) I suppose as older people, we process foods differently and have to be even more careful not to eat a "typical American" diet. I take lots of turmeric, which SeaBreeze mentioned. Right now, I am reading about MSM and that sounds promising. I'll stop and take some now. I am taking two teaspoons a day, once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. I will work up to more. Maybe some of you might want to experiment with MSM (and a diet with few refined flour and almost no sugar!) I don't have much pain "yet," just stiffness and a little pain.

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    I think God that I don't (yet) have an RA factor level, but I do have aches and pains, but are lessened by exercise considerably.
    Call me Nat or Nathan.

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