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Metabolism Explained

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    Metabolism Explained

    I thought I knew these things but this seems to be a very easy to understand article about how metabolism works. I learned some things and thought I would share.
    There are seven pages.

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    Before my 'snowbird' journey commenced I needed to have a CBC & consultation with my PCP. For the most part my CBC was completely normal. My HGB was borderline low. Age, diabetes & previous health issues all factored in, my B-12 was below the expected range. I eat 3 eggs every day along with a serving of red meat every other night. B-12 still low, my cholesterol/trig levels are acceptable even with all the warnings about too much 'bad' foods. My weight & BP are normal (24.2 BMI-115/62). Everything except the HGB & B-12 were good.

    While sitting waiting for my consultation I had occasion to read a chart they had posted about the new recommendations for healthy diet. Starches were the focus, especially good starches, things like beans, fruits & vegetables high in starches & complex carbs, whole grains & meat protein in moderation for health. The chart indicated that now the thinking is that maybe the push for more fruits & veggies is somewhat misguided. What is now being pushed is starchy vegetables & fruits. The celeries, lettuce, greens, sugary fruits are good but have limited vitamins & don't keep you satisfied. You should be eating more things like oatmeal, popcorn (not microwave), beans, sweet potatoes,,,etc. You stay fuller longer, your liver knows what to do with those carbs & you have an easier time staying normal weight.

    For the last 2 1/2 years I have been eating complex carbs, the greens play havoc on my digestion, so I avoid them & I no longer eat any breads, pasta or processed foods, alcohol or fruity drinks & sodas. I discussed this along with my concern for my B-12 with my PCP. He then informed me that there is & has been a lot of study & tests (since 1969, 1st connection) that the drug 'Metformin' given to diabetics & pre-diabetics (I take 1000mg daily) may be causing a depletion of B-12. He then ordered along with my CBC, a B-12 test. I had been taking a multi-vitamin but your body as it gets older has a hard time absorbing B-12. They had injections but he wanted me to try the fast acting soluble type that dissolve under your tongue B-12 tablets along with my multi-vitamin first.

    I'll see if his advice & my self-diagnosis is on track in April '18. Yes, I'm breaking my resolve to quit obsessing about social connections to post this.

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    Re: increasing B-12, a couple years ago I used the sublingual B-12 tablets, first thing in morning 1/2 hr. before eating.

    I don't remember How long I followed this dosing, perhaps 3 or 4 months, but I can say that it was effective, my labs later confirming that.

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