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How Many Pets Do You Currently Have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don M. View Post
    We don't have any...officially....however, the neighbors cute little beagle has adopted us, and spends most of her daytime hours on our porch when they go to work. We also have a yearling deer that comes by every day for a drink from the birdbath, and she is really getting used to us....she sometimes comes right up to the porch if we stay sitting quietly.
    We used to have a beagle. Got it for my son when he was little. They're great dogs; very intelligent and affectionate.

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    Just one; Our mini Doberman. He's sitting right beside me looking smug knowing that he's the only one.

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    My wife feeds 3 or 4 rabbits daily..1 waits by the patio door and sits up when she opens it..

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    Just my calico cat Callie and me. When our children were young we had guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, fish, a budgie,
    and dogs as well as cats. Can't remember a time when there were no pets in our family.

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