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Eating Out - more? less?

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    Last June our daughter who had been visiting was leaving the same day my wife had a dr. appointment in town. Daughter had to be at the airport at 1:00 pm and wife's dr. appointment wasn't until 2:30 so we found a Mexican restaurant and had a meal. Another time I was in town I stopped at Sonic and brought hamburgers and onion rings home. That's our eating out so far for 2017. We normally don't eat out so much.
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    We eat out less since we retired. Initially it had to do more with the fact that we were eating out almost every night before that and first me, then my husband had to start watching our sodium intake. Restaurant food has a lot of hidden sodium. We still like to eat out but now it may only be once every 10 days or twice a month, if that. Today was an exception. We had Burger Kind for lunch then Chinese take out for dinner. One way to be able to continue enjoying eating at restaurants is to do lunch instead of dinner and/or use or Groupon deals. Just be careful to read the fine print when using those sites and choosing your restaurant(s). Also if there's a good buffet place in your area, that's a good way to get a lot of food for your money. Most times when we go to the Chinese buffet, I don't eat another meal later, just a snack. In the southern states, some have Picadilly's which is not a Chinese buffet. I wish we had one close to us.

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    I don't see any need to worry about what you might spend on entertainment in retirement. That's what discretionary income is all about – you take care of your needs first, and enjoy your “wants” with what's left.

    We dine out much more now that we're retired. It's one of my main hobbies. I cook a lot, have always enjoyed it and my whole family is one big collection of foodies, LOL. I will often make dishes that we don't find any longer, or can't find easily.

    However, I've been cooking for over 50 yrs, and don't get a big kick out of it any longer. We live in one of the great restaurant areas in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area. There are an incredible number of ethnic cuisines in addition to mid-level and upscale restaurants, at every price point, in almost every city in the region.

    We both enjoy finding new dishes, with pairings we wouldn't have thought of. Ceylon cinnamon with roasted beets. A fresh coconut sambal with panko-crusted shrimp. White corn agnolotti with smoked Japanese mushrooms. Discovering the difference between ceviche and aguachile.

    Over the last month, we had:
    Asian fusion
    New Zealand
    Chinese fusion

    Cal-Mex(different from Tex-Mex or Southwestern)

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    We normally ate out once a week before retiring and we average about the same now.

    I'm not talking about going to the fancy high dollar joints........we frequent local cafes & diners, some chain restaurants and the occasional drive-thru window.

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    Less even though we live in the entertainment capital of the world where along with something to be entertained by is plentiful and restaurants are even more plentiful, that option got to be boring really fast.

    Retirement, true retirement meaning filling your day with something you like to do once travel and the usual other bucket list items are ticked off your list can be fulfilled by spending time, a lot of time prepping meals you never considered. Good nutrition along with exercise is key to enjoying retirement. Eating at home and knowing what goes into your meal can accomplish that.

    Restaurants want return patrons, what they prepare is for taste, healthy eating that tastes good can be achieved at home. Restaurants not so much.

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    I traveled in my working years and commonly ate 13 meals a week in restaurants. to me eating out is not a treat. I participate probably once every other month.
    My wife goes for lunch with the girls once or twice a week.

    At home we each fix our own breakfast and lunch. For supper she cooks (makes a good job of it) and I do the washing up.

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    The social committee here at the residence organizes supper out once a month, a pub night and also
    a luncheon out; I do the supper and pub nights most months. Here in our dining room, Sunday night
    is roast beef night and several of us go down for that. I have an outside caterer that I order meals
    from every couple of months. Other than that I prepare my own meals.

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    Northeast PA. Live near the NASCAR track, with deer, bears, rabbits. On an always growing lawn.
    To me, "eating out" is eating in my living room, not the kitchen.

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    I eat out a lot, but I always have. Being single and not want to cook just for myself is the main reason.

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    Retirees is why the powers that be came up with early bird dinners.

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    Eat out more. Hate preparing a meal for one or two people. Easier to eat out.

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    I eat out maybe half a dozen times a year, sometimes at a nice family restaurant, and sometimes at fast food places. What I really enjoy, though, is ordering in a special treat to be delivered - it could be fish & chips, a seafood platter, Chinese food, Swiss Chalet, KFC, etc. For this, I don't have to dress up, and can enjoy someone else's cooking in the comfort of my own home.

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    We don't eat out any more than we did before retirement, but we are willing to go to more 'upscale' places and spend more on a meal.Our wine budget has increased, significantly, in the same light.
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    Before I retired, I worked all round the UK & Europe and occasionally the USA. As a result, I ate out a lot, and by the time I retired, the novelty had definitely worn off. Now I only tend to dine out when I'm on holiday, but I do like to try local dishes whenever possible.
    We're not here for a long time. We're here for a good time

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    We have not gone out to eat in months. We usually have done either Chinese takeout or fast food lately. But then, even when we were both working we did not often eat out more than a couple times a year.
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