From all reports things have turned a little ugly across I-10 at the RTR, Flu & colds are occuring more frequently than expected, I guess you get that anytime there is a large accumulation of people sharing food & space. I look at being a loner as a positive thing now.

It that have become clearer now. I had adopted a minimalistic approach to my camping. I had purchased older used equipment rather than going with new. Most things have worked out but there are a few drawbacks that have made me rethink some of my purchases. I tried the economy brand paper towels (Sparkle). Yes you get what you pay for. I tried to shop exclusively at the discount or dollar stores, having to rethink my decisions. Paper plates, utensils & other non-edible items are questionable. I bought a small roll of kitchen garbage bags at the grocery tent here, horrible, ripped easy & were paper thin. I threw away the remaining few after a couple of tries. Bought the more expensive ones & haven't been sorry.

I was purchasing pecans & walnuts at the tent also, after 4-6 bags of bland tasteless nuts I open one that had a funky smell. I tested them, didn't like them & worried I was eating moldy nuts, tossed another open bag in the garbage vowing to buy un-expired ones from Walmart. Toilet paper is okay for the cheap ones since I use a moist paper towels (Bounty) to clean up. I still use the economy brand to dab my hands dry & use them to wipe down the surfaces. They hold up long enough for that. Coffee is something I try not to squelch on. Coffee loses it's flavor after a few weeks on the stores shelves. I'm sure the coffee at the tent has sat for months on the retail shelves then passed onto the tent sales for disposal. I refuse to even think about purchasing that. I'm now making a decision whether to continue shopping there for anything that I might want the eat.

My income is adequate to the point I can buy fresh, non-outdated & hopefully healthy food choices in the future. Meats, vegetables & dairy products must have a good expiration date stamped on them. I like fresh eggs also. I know that most items sold at Walmart have been produced on a meager budget at the manufactures, corners have been cut to meet the price demands that Walmart sets. They have to make them with the least possible ingredients & raw materials. Quality is tabled over mass produced inventories so the manufactures can make a small profit for quantity shipments. They have cut all the possible waste & quality from the product for the bottom line. So it goes with anything you buy now days. Demand sets the standards. I'm not a brand snob but do know that you get different quality from the same manufacture depending on where you shop.