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Special software for medical records on disk? Any other way to view?

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    Special software for medical records on disk? Any other way to view?

    Know someone trying to view their medical records given to them on a disk but they can't do it even with Windows 10. Any tricks or special software available/required?

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    It might be a Mac disc your machine is windows
    or vice-versa, there are ways to read the disc
    in another formatted system.

    You would be advised to consult "Google", there
    are lots of ways, if you have windows, then you
    need a copy of HFS Readerto see a mac disc, I
    am not sure about the other way.

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    You need to know how the disk was created in the first place. That is, what software and operating system before you can start figuring out how to view.

    That said, has he tried opening with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is software that will interpret and format a great many PDF formats (if that applies).

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    In Windows 10 go to for manager. Click on the disk drive and check the file names. Should have a name followed by a period, then a letter extension. Example


    The pdf tells me it's adobe
    The txt tells me it is a text file.
    And the doc tells me Microsoft Word file.

    If windows can't read the disk. Then it might be a apple or Mac format.

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    Correction, go to file manager.

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