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Philadelphia Is Greasing Light Poles To Prevent Climbing During Post Game Activities

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    Quote Originally Posted by C'est Moi View Post
    I don't know why the NFL doesn't have to pay. And don't get me started on taxpayer-funded STADIUMS for those overpaid athletes.
    They should pay. The local herds of sheep flock to their stadiums and stores to buy their crap and make them money. The local government politician people don't question these bills because it endangers future votes.

    I know people who went to Super Bowls, playoff games etc and were loyal souvenir and ticket buying fans/sheep for decades and all that loyalty/business didn't mean squat when they had financial trouble and the team wanted their season ticket money 3 months before the start of their season. It's all a business and they have to realize all that stuff is nothing but a completed transaction.

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    Unlike the post game celebrations or riots there were only reports of 2 stabbings and an assaulted police officer during their victory parade. And a big mess to clean up.

    After the Super Bowl itself mayhem ensued and poles were still climbed AND/or tore down.

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