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We had a couple of trees come down,, one hitting the house, tearing off a section of gutter but can't tell if it damaged the roof overhang. It's still leaning against the house. A lot of the rural areas around us are without power but as of now (3 PM)) we're still OK, and the wind gusts have diminished.
We lost power for about two hours. Thought it would be much longer, we got lucky. By the time I was done getting things set up for a night without power, it came back on.

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Upstate NYer here,south of Utica.

I can't stand heat,humidity and pollen so have never considered Florida,I was there in 72,wasn't impressed...Life was simpler in some ways when hubby was alive but have since relocated to an apartment,so maintenance and snow and lawn issues aren't an issue.
Grandson is 10 minutes away,grandaughters are a couple of hours South,makes a difference.
My wife and I met in Utica a couple times on the weekend when we were first dating. She was coming south from Ontario and I was headed north from Mass, Utica was the midway point for both of us. We usually stayed at one of the hotels on Rte 5.