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Postage Stamp Price Raised

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    ​I still have half a book of forever stamps that I bought 2 or 3 prices ago. Do not mail a lot any more
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobF View Post
    Just a kid. I was born July 1933. Good days ahead of you Jim.
    You ARE old, Bob - - - -I wasn't born 'til December of the same year.

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    By the time I need stamps again the price will probably rise another 25 cents for each stamp. I don't remember the last time I bought stamps all I know is I have 12 left.

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    Again?! Well I guess they need the money. I mail something about three times a year. I still have some forever stamps left. After they're gone, I have stamps in several denominations that I can combine to make up 50 cents or whatever the price is at the time. I probably have enough here to last me for life. But I do like to guy the tribute stamps and keep one of each in my collection. One of the coolest forevers:

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    I have several forever stamps
    pretty much taking that long to get rid of them
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    What's a stamp?

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