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Do You Use Chrome?

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    Do You Use Chrome?

    If you do be aware of upcoming problems!

    I received the text below in an Email and
    decided that you should read it.


    If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, in the next few weeks youíre going to find
    that a lot of websites stop working for you.

    Instead of seeing the site you want, youíll see a message telling you that thereís a problem
    with the siteís security certificate.

    These certificates are used by websites for two reasons: they allow your browser to encrypt
    the data that is flowing between your computer and the web server (the things you enter on
    a form, for example), and they allow your browser to confirm that the web server belongs to
    the people itís supposed to.
    When a website operator wants to run a secure site, they first have to buy a certificate from
    a well-known provider.

    All browsers have a list of these providers, and can use encryption technology to verify
    whether a certificate has come from one of those providers.

    The system has worked well, but now Google have decided to stop recognising certificates
    issued by security company Symantec. This doesnít just affect Symantec though, it affects
    all companies that issue certificates based on Symantecís so-called root certificate.

    More seriously, it affects all websites that use a certificate issued by one of these companies,
    and means youíll see the security warning when you visit.

    This doesnít mean that the site is insecure, just that Google has decided to stop trusting the


    The reason for this is due to the way that Symantec have issued invalid certificates, potentially
    giving hackers access to a certificate for the domain in one case.

    But just because Symantec have not been very careful with their certificates, a lot of legitimate
    website operators are going to suffer.

    Unless those website operators manage to get hold of replacement certificates soon, users will
    not be able to access their sites in Chrome.

    So, if you use Chrome and you come across a message telling you that thereís a problem with
    a siteís certificate, try visiting the site in Firefox or Edge until the problem gets sorted by the
    website operators.
    A Scot Living in England.

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    Cheers Mike...I use Chrome, but it's not my main browser... so thanks for the heads up...

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    For what it is worth Mike if change the date and time to exact current time and date it usually fixes this in Chrome,just changing the time by a minute ,or if date wrong also change that...don`t know why but fixes?

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    Yes, I read about this over the weekend. Thanks for the information, Mike!

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    I use Chrome. Thanks for the warning!

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    Thanks for the heads up Mike, did not know this.

    I also use Chrome for my laptop. I wonder if this will affect cell phone browsing also.

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