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I'm going to the mall today.

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    I thought I was the only one who preferred to shop alone. You just have to be careful as you would anytime.
    I would still ask your Mom's opinion in the stores Ruth. She'll let you know.

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    I'm with the shopping alone folks. One time I gave in to a friend to shop together (although she said she would sit outside to wait for me so that I didn't have to rush. Oh, yeah, sure), and guess what? She went into a nail salon and I had to wait with her for 30 minutes while she was picking out a nail polish color. Arrgh. Then we went to the bookstore and I went with her to look for a certain topic she was interested in. We found the relevant section and then I left to do my own looking. It had to be a half hour later when I went looking for her and eventually had to call her cell--which she didn't answer. I finally found her and said I was leaving because it was past my cat's lunchtime. I made a quick trip to the drugstore in the mall, and then I left.

    But--I failed to mention, before all this we had a really nice long lunch in a sit-down restaurant and had great conversations. I love that--having long lunches with good conversation with friends. My idea was to split after that. That would have been perfect. In fact, most of the time with friends, we go shopping, but split, and then meet for lunch afterwards. One of my favorite things to do. I do that about every two weeks.

    I really do like shopping alone and also stopping to have a nice lunch alone. Never has bothered me. I also have done a lot of traveling alone. My best company is something to read while I'm people watching as well.
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    I'm also in the shopping alone group,I like going at my own pace. When my mom was alive,we use to go once a month to one of the malls located in the suburbs. We would walk around before the stores opened then ck out a store or two.I always told my dad'we'll be back by noon,but we always got sidetracked,came back mid afternoon,fun memories. Sue
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    I avoid malls, but at other shops, I'm ok with both shopping alone or with a friend. We try not to "lose" each other, but sometimes we do. Not for long, though.

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    My brother and sister are a lot older than me. I grew up the same as an only child. So, I am used to doing things alone.

    I prefer shopping alone... but there is very little I really need.

    Kohl's keeps sending me $10 freebies, so I go shopping for fun.

    I don't mind eating out alone. But I usually opt for take-out.

    Today I had BBQ take-out. Half pound of BBQ beef take-out will last me three meals at home. Yummm...

    Kroger deli has yummy Alaska wild pollock fish sandwiches during Lent.

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    Hope you can find something nice to buy with the gift cards Ruth, good luck! I'm one of those women who don't like shopping either, when I go I get what I need as quickly as possible and get out of there. I prefer to be alone too, so nobody slows me down.

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    I don't do malls anymore as they are too crowded here in Houston. If I do have to go I prefer to go alone, get what I need and get out of there. I am not a shopping person except when I visit my sister as its my home town and she likes to show me the new little shops in town.

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    Hi Ruth, I hope you had a good time shopping at the mall and found something nice.
    I like to shop alone and just browse around and take my time. I can do better at finding what I want if I'm alone.
    I don't like eating out alone though. For me having a friend or family member along makes eating in a cafe or restaurant more enjoyable.

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