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Annual Wellness Visit

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    Quote Originally Posted by peppermint View Post
    My wellness visit was free.. I'm sitting in the waiting room with a 2 page paper to answer questions....Unbelievable.. It asked how much alcohol in a day I drink? (I hardly drink alcohol, except on a Holiday)
    How many times in a year do you visit your Doctor....Am I depressed....Do you get angry most of the time...and on and on with stupid questions....

    I finally get to go to the room for questioning....It was weird!!!!! A nurse or whatever she was, started asking me questions....and drawing pictures....I had to draw a dog....a hamburger, and some other
    stuff that I was really annoyed with....So after many questions, she asked me what she asked me 3 min. ago....I told her and she said it was wrong...So I said to her, Oh, maybe that was 2 min. ago...
    She got perturbed....I didn't care, this was ridiculous thinking Seniors are senile... She leaves....The Doctor came in the room...(I have been going to this lady Dr. for 40 years)...She asked why
    I didn't answer the question that the nurse asked...I told her a thing or too, and she said she is obligated to ask these questions for Medicare....So I asked, Did I fail....She laughed!!! She said No....
    As long as you were talking and not slurring your words.....WHAT!!!!!! Good thing I love my Doctor...She stayed with me for 10 min more, just talking about her husband who had passed away....

    Asking questions, etc like that is SOP for a annual physical for seniors...its a good why to check if one is senile. I have no problem with it.

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    If I get senile, I'll probably won't go to a Doctor....I would forget!!! Kidding....It wasn't a problem it was a 2 hour wait for a silly quiz....

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