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What was your workout today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBreeze View Post
    A brisk walk is very good for your physical and mental well-being. Sorry you suffered from an accident that limits your weights, but 3 pounds can be very effective to build strength.
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    My only workout today was my daily walk in the park with the dog (and hubby), and cleaning out a small section of my storage shed which has been overrun by mice and insects. We're going to tear it down soon, but I like to get a jump start on the rodent droppings, yellow jacket nests, etc.

    Last week I started at the gym and worked out from Tuesday to Friday, took the weekend off, had other errands and chores to do. I went in yesterday for around an hour and a half and did treadmill and exercise bike, along with numerous weight machines. I plan to hit the gym again tomorrow after my park walk with the dog. If I get home early enough, I take the dog for a second walk thorough the neighborhood and neighborhood park, on leash.

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