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I am ashamed of my kids.

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    Love has nothing to do with it. You can love your child and still be disappointed or ashamed of some things they have done.. Fortunately this can pass, more often than not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadishRose View Post
    Love has nothing to do with it. You can love your child and still be disappointed or ashamed of some things they have done.. Fortunately this can pass, more often than not.
    Thanks, RR. This isn't a simple issue, and it is not about not loving your child. If you didn't love them, it wouldn't hurt as much.

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    Well, that's true, Jane.

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    We know less about the human brain than we know about the universe. I watched the program "Intervention" and only once. If you have seen it you will know why. Some kids are just unreachable. My older brother was the opposite of me and he was always on the wrong track from very early in his life.

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    Ashamed? No
    Embarrassed? No
    Disappointed? No
    Disenchanted? Nada
    Dis…anything? Can’t really say
    Never really gave it a thought
    Anxious for them to choose right
    Takes a while sometimes
    Happy when they share
    Good, bad, anything

    My daughter says her happiest moments were
    That one time we went fishing
    Just her and me
    I think she was 9 or 10
    We both remembered so much about it, so long ago

    Her last time was when we went shopping
    Didn’t even buy much
    Ate out
    Window shopped thru the outlet mall
    All afternoon
    Laughed at things, people, each other
    That was over 10 years ago
    Maybe more

    I’m anxious for her
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    “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

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    I feel for you. I am challenged by one of my kids especially, my son, but I try to stay positive. I have a mantra I say when interacting with him. I try to stay "kind, peaceful, positive, loving, and productive." I'm glad your daughter pulled through. For us, the age 17 1/2 to about 20 is the most challenging.

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    I'm very proud of my daughter and step-daughter. Both have succeeded scholastically, and in the working world. They are good people, with good families of their own, now. I'm not that involved with their lives, as I'm a loner, for the most part, but when I see them, it's cool.

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    We have one daughter and one son. No complaints. Both have done well. I attribute at least some of it to attending private school. There seemed to be less distractions, so they paid more attention to their studying.

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    Not unusual to be ashamed of what our so called kids do. If the behavior brings dishonor to the parents a parent has the right to feel ashamed.

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    Old Mack 83 and I are very proud of AJ and Kat.
    AJ is a bit of a road warrior and enjoys her high perch in the F 250 pu she drives to Tampa and back every day.
    She's an engineer with SWFMD.
    Kat is a pilot with Southwest Airlines and no homebase.
    Granddaughter London is a lawyer in Texas.
    Granddaughter Kehlah is studying to be FBI agent at SPC.

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    My daughter who lives near me is the sweetest caring person who has built her career making others feel good about themselves and is the only one in the family that has no dynamics with anyone. Everyone gets along with her. When I compliment her on this she reminds me that it's because, from as early as she can remember growing up, I told her she was the peacemaker in the family and she grew up wanting to live up to that.

    Well, darn, why didn't I tell all 4 of my kids that?

    Birth order? My first born and my last born are sometimes a challenge but were from birth.

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