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Anyone play the ukulele?

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    Here you go Paige....

    Last night my dog went on the paper 3 times. Problem is...I was reading it.

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    I remember him, and some Hawaiian lady named Holly Loki?

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    Paige, Google: The British ukulele orchestra playing "The Good the Bad and The Ugly".

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    ^That was impressive, Falcon!

    This one makes me giggle. Ukulele by Zooey Deschanel (& Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
    "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"
    It's already spring now, not new year's, but it's all about the ukulele...

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    I want to learn THIS song!

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    Paige - -A couple of our daughters play the Uke as do two grand-daughters. We always enjoy a few tunes when the family gets together (which is quite often in our case). One of the daughters owns a cottage in Maine and when up there this summer intends to meet up with a group in Cornish - -right up the road from you. I can PM you with more info if you're interested.

    She plays with a local group here in southern Mass. and they travel around the area, performing at different functions. She just retired last year and has more time available ( when not taking care of her grandson-)

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