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Apartment Living

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    I lived in several apartments when I was young, but never more than a couple of years at a time.

    Once I bought my first home, I settled in, put down roots and stayed for over a decade until I bought my second home [where I live now for almost two decades.]

    My point is... when I lived in an apartment it felt temporary, like a dorm room, not like home.

    I feel more secure, comfortable and at ease in my own home.

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    Another thing, that we came to find out when got our last house in Colorado, it's not just upstairs apartment dwellers that can be noisy, so can next door house neighbors. It wasn't the people themselves, it was their two dogs. They were suppose to be put into the garage by the wife, before she went to bed, but she didn't do it. Her husband worked an overnight shift for the school district. Apparently his wife and their small son were hard sleepers and didn't hear the dogs barking. Most of the time, the barking didn't start until 2AM and then woke us up. Our bedroom window faced our backyard, which was next to their backyard. There was a city ordinance about barking dogs, but to have it enforced, a complaint would have to be made with local P.D. at their office. We really didn't want to stir up a "hornet's next" with a neighbor, but had to do something.

    Talked to the husband and he was both shocked and not happy at all that his wife wasn't putting the dogs in the garage as he had asked her to. Then, she started doing it. Thing was, one of them got out of the garage one night, came over to our house, dug a hole under our fence and got into our backyard. We didn't even know it was there until another neighbor told us that our dog had been barking part of the day. We didn't even have a dog! So, neighbor got his dog and fixed our fence. Not to long after that, we ended up selling and moving out of the state.

    Then, we also had a problem with a couple of large woods owls that would land on the roof of the house behind us and "hoot" at each other at 1AM. I got out our boat spotlight, pointed it up into the sky, turned it on and brought it down to where one of the owls were on the roof. It seen the bright light and flew off, along with the other one. This happened a few times.

    Heck, I got up Mon thru Fri at 5:15AM to get ready to leave for work at 6:15AM. Had to be in Denver at 7AM for my job. Getting woke up by barking dogs and large owls was not my idea of a good nights sleep!

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    Guess I have the best of both worlds. I've lived in houses but never wanted to own one. I "rented" this apartment when it was brand new and I was just 24. I found out afterward that my very small downpayment ($400) actually went toward the purchase of the unit. All common area problems are taken care of via our carrying charges. The mortgage was paid off years ago but now we have taxes which we didn't have when the mortgage was being paid due to the PILOT program. Since we had to start paying taxes, they went up sky high so we still have those carrying charges.

    For obvious reasons, at this age (early 70's) I still would not want to own a house. I have friends who always have to come up with large sums to fix this or that. Wouldn't want to be bothered with all that.

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    Lived in apartments for 40 years before moving in this house. It's set up the way we want, we have great neighbors, the entire city has gentrified tremendously, and it's in easy distance from all our friends/family. We have a large garden that is getting progressively more tiring to maintain as we age.

    I can hardly wait to sell this thing and get back to apartment living, in some sort of senior living facility. Probably another 3-5 yrs, however.

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    Rent is too high for my comfort level in Houston. I live in a condo on the second floor and can do most of the maintenance & repairs myself. I lived in apts. for many years and have had good and bad experiences. It all boils down to what makes you feel comfortable. I worked as a contractor for years so moving was part of my life and renting fit the bill back then. Owning a house was a burden as there was always something that needed doing either inside or outside. My dad bought our home in 1954 for $25,000 and sold it about 15 years later for the same amount so he did not fare well on that one but made a bundle on his Florida home.

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